PROTEA Intelligence

We were engaged by PROTEA Intelligence, a startup revolutionizing building design economics, to develop a compelling brand narrative and pitch deck that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition and secure seed funding.

The Challenge

PROTEA is a startup that empowers architects and designers to instantly quantify the financial impact of their design decisions. They developed a preliminary product that replaces the need for specialized cost estimating consultants, but were struggling to articulate their value proposition and the immense opportunity they were addressing. Their product was in its early stages, with no presentation layer, just a complicated spreadsheet. They needed funds to further develop the product, but to secure funding they had to be able to articulate their value proposition as well as the size of the opportunity to potential investors.

Bottom line, PROTEA wanted investors to see them as a promising bet in the building design industry. They needed help with clarifying and simplifying their message, while also humanizing the stories behind the data. 

Our Approach

To tackle PROTEA's challenge, we began with an in-depth research process to understand the opportunity and the unique value they brought to the market. We conducted a workshop with PROTEAs team and identified that they were not effectively communicating the unique benefits of their product.

We worked closely with PROTEA to develop a compelling narrative and a powerful pitch deck that clearly communicated their value proposition. We didn't stop there. We also built their brand identity, website, and sales video, ensuring a cohesive and powerful message across all platforms.

The Breakthrough

Our deep dive into PROTEA's unique value proposition led us to a significant realization. The team was over-focusing on the product they had created and not highlighting the transformative impact it could have on the design process. By shifting their messaging to emphasize this impact, we were able to present a more compelling case for investment.

With the new messaging framework and pitch deck, PROTEA was able to secure their seed funding round. By simplifying their complex product into a clear and compelling story, we helped PROTEA communicate their value and secure the funds they needed to continue their mission of revolutionizing building design economics.

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