We created positioning, messaging, and storytelling strategies to help a cryptocurrency compliance platform to communicate what they do – and why it matters – in a simpler way.

The Challenge

The whole concept of cryptocurrency is complicated, and now with international governments getting more involved, regulations are getting more complicated too. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, Notabene provides a critical service in helping crypto exchanges and FinTech institutions comply with complex global regulatory requirements.

Notabene simplifies a complex regulatory system and enables their clients to operate around the world more credibly. As the market leader, with a comprehensive full service solution, Notabene needed to position themselves more effectively to better communicate the value they provide to a broader audience.

However, operating within the crypto industry led Notabene to adopt jargon-heavy messaging that was too niche and difficult for more mainstream prospects to understand, so their value proposition was getting muddled.

Our Approach

We helped Notabene define their value proposition through our Positioning & Messaging workshop and value mapping process to explain their benefits across audiences. We the validated our insights through interviews with Notabene's customers, and used these insights to build Notabene a strong and clear messaging framework to guide internal and external communications.

Our work refining their brand voice and messaging architecture built a foundation to concisely articulate their value. The new messaging framework enables Notabene to stand out from competitors, attract their ideal customer segment, and align their team internally on sales and marketing communications.

The Breakthrough

Repositioning Notabene from the niche crypto industry into the broader and more mature FinTech industry offered significant benefits. Because FinTech is more familiar to audiences, it’s easier for people to understand and helps Notabene build credibility as an established company.

We also developed three unique brand stories for them— a Value Story, a Purpose Story, and a Founder Story. Now Notabene can unite their’s team’s communications around a dynamic narrative framework that can be used to persuade prospects, align and motivate their team internally, and grow investor and stakeholder trust in the organization.

Notabene’s updated strategy reflects their unique vision and purpose, and positions them to grow in new markets and shorten their sales cycle. With a consistent brand narrative that Notabene can implement across their messaging channels and brand collateral, they’re equipped to empower trust, accelerate growth, and reach new customers.

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