Halbert Hargrove

We developed positioning and storytelling strategies to help a financial advisory firm stand out from the crowd and communicate their novel investing approach.

The Challenge

The financial space is competitive and expensive, and potential clients can have a difficult time understanding the differences between investing firms. To rise above the standard claims that everyone makes, Halbert Hargrove needed to separate themselves from the pack and position themselves as something different.

They have a proprietary investing method called LifePhase Investing® that dynamically adapts to clients’ realities and goals throughout different stages of life. The problem was it was difficult to explain, and even harder to understand.

Our Approach

We saw an opportunity to use LifePhase Investing® as the cornerstone of Halbert Hargrove’s positioning strategy.  LifePhase Investing® supports people’s real needs and helps them achieve their goals regardless of life's ups and downs. It’s uniquely poised to fill a hole in the marketplace, and centering it as a foundational piece of their brand equipped them to maximize its impact.

By emphasizing Halbert Hargrove’s distinctive approach to investing, we helped them differentiate themselves and effectively communicate their value. They’re financial experts with an approach that aligns with everyday life and gives their clients and prospects a place to be heard and be fearless — not just about their money, but about what money can do for them.

The Breakthrough

We developed a storytelling framework to communicate LifePhase Investing® that simplified the technical elements and used familiar and emotional language to cut through the complexity. The stories helped take a fairly dense and academic approach to investing and translate it into benefits that clients can easily understand.

LifePhase Investing® has become an integral part of the company's messaging and storytelling, creating opportunities to expand the value it provides with additional content like LifePhase Investing® videos. Halbert Hargrove is now able to clearly communicate how their firm is different and strengthen their relationships with clients and prospects, improving their lead qualification and relationship building.

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