Advance OC

We were engaged by Advance OC, a California non-profit, to develop key brand messaging that clarifies how their expertise and data mapping tools help advance social equity in communities.

The Challenge

AdvanceOC is a mission-driven Orange County non-profit that helps county organizations use social determinants data to address inequities in local communities. They were having a hard time explaining exactly what they offer and came to us looking for an easier way to communicate what they do, who it's for, and why it matters.

AdvanceOC developed a data visualization and mapping tool that allows organizations to layer on their own population data and see how it correlates to key social determinants. For example, how does housing overcrowding correlate to COVID-19 cases? But they were struggling with communicating how using their data platform would help community based organizations create and track real impact in the community. It wasn't clear who the tool was for and how it added value.

Bottom line, AdvanceOC wanted more community leaders to see them as a partner in advancing social equity. The value they provide is complex and they needed help with clarifying and simplifying their message, while also humanizing the stories behind the data.

Our Approach

To get into AdvanceOC's messaging, we started out with a workshop to get clear about why the value proposition was confusing in the first place. The issue was they were targeting too many audiences simultaneously, and not all of them have the same pain points.

We did an exercise with AdvanceOC's board that identified where they created the most unique value to meet real needs for their most likely potential customers. By evaluating their attributes and understanding the benefits they offer, we could begin developing a messaging architecture that communicates their value simply and clearly.

The Breakthrough

By digging deep into what truly differentiated AdvanceOC, we discovered that the team was limiting themselves by over-focusing on the tool they created, and not highlighting the consulting they offered with the insights it produced. By updating their messaging to emphasize the full extent of their services, we shifted their value proposition to highlight  their comprehensive scope.

When we layered in the expert consulting they bring to the table, along with simplifying the jargon they used, we were able to develop a powerful messaging framework to fuel all of their communications.

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